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A table is where all the data for a particular entity resides and a FileMaker file can hold multiple tables. For example, all the product information a company sells can normally be found in the product table or perhaps an inventory table. All of a companies customers and contacts might reside in a contacts or people table. All the information about employees might be found in an employee or HR table.

FYI ... this is an overly simplified example. All the information about the employees would probably be broken up into multiple tables such as employees, benefits and time worked. Chances are, you would put all these tables in the same file.

So let's say that you create a new FileMaker file and name it Business. To see our table definition area, choose the Define menu option from under the the File menu. From the Define option, select the Database option from the sub-menu. By default, you will have one table in the file with the same name as the FileMaker file name. You can rename this table easily enough and you can create new tables while you are here. in. If you already planned out all the tables you are going to need, you can add all of the new tables while you are here.

FYI ... About table names, in fact, you will likely have all your tables ending up with different names than the file they reside

If you were to view the Tables Tab for a more complex FileMaker database, you would see multiple tables, the statistics for each ( number of fields & number of records ) and the number of occurrences in the relationship tab area. There is a pull down menu in the right corner labeled "View By." This allows you to view the tables in creation order, table name or custom order. The custom order is when you manually move tables up and down in this dialog box by using the small double arrow icon to the left of each table name.

Here you can see the table area of a database that has multiple tables and you can see statistics and graph occurrences for each!

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