FileMaker 10 Script Trigger Study Guide (1)

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I’m going up for the FileMaker 10 Certification Exam and thought I’d organize a quick cheat sheet about script triggers for myself and share it with you. So this is a very quick summary of the notes I had taken.

ScriptMaker is gone, now it is simply called Manage Script or the Manage Script Dialog.

Depending on where you look, FileMaker Pro supports either twelve, thirteen or fifteen different script triggers. The three that are on the border are the On Timer, File Open and File Close script steps.

The two new Get () functions that are associated with script triggers are

Get (TriggerKeystroke)
Get (TriggerModifierKeys)

The two new Text functions are:

Char (Number)
Code (Text)

Script Triggers are largely activated by user interactions made upon layouts or layout objects. Painting with a very large brush, a script trigger can fire with record interaction, mode interaction, layout interaction, layout object interaction, file open/close or via a timer. Script triggers can fire in Browse, Find or Preview modes, however most script triggers are defaulted to run in Browse mode only. Only a handful of triggers support Preview mode.

Script triggers can also be categorized by when they fire. You can have scripts that trigger before a particular action or after a particular action has processed. The most common terms used are pre triggers and post triggers.

Again, this is somewhat confusing because the word category is used loosely in defining some of the behavior variations of script triggers. There are four variations of when a trigger will file and these include ...

- something happening to a layout object
- layout actions
including initial loading, windowing, mode changes or loading new records
- interactions with the file itself
- timer interactions

(to be continued)

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