Printing FileMaker Portals With Multiple Row Text Info

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In a portal, you can have a field that only shows one lines worth of data, until you click into the field and then, to a degree, the field will expand to show more of its data.

Here is a field that only shows one lines worth of data.

Here is the same field that has expanded once it has been clicked into.

Thing is, the field (and its associated portal line) will not auto expand when printing. If you go large with the field size / portal line height, it will have gaps for the related records that don’t have that much data in the field. What you want is the ability to auto expand and contrast the field / portal line height based upon the data within it.

The typical way to resolve this issues is something covered before when we were talking about portals with a lot of rows. Printing Portals With Multiple Scrollable Portals

So the idea is to script the printing process to the point where a GTRR action takes you to the portal information. Here you have a list view of the related portal records but you have the "reduce enclosed part" printing options setup for the expanding field.

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