Scripted FileMaker Imports And The Target Table

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I was reading your articles on FileMaker Import and would like you advise on the issue I am having. Just like in you scenario user will be importing records into Fresh copy of FileMaker through server.

User wants everything on one click, e.g. click on Import Database button, he just wants to specify the file and user name and password once as he has to entered for each table.

I cannot put under file reference as file name might be changed next time, plus my big problem is that import dialog is not saving the target file table name user has to select the name from the list to match with source table.

Well, if you are having problems getting the target table to snap properly, you are probably on a layout that uses a different table. By default, the target table will be the current table attached to the current layout. Use a Go To Layout script step before your import records script step.

Now if you are using a variety of tables to import into, you might want to have multiple buttons (or custom menus) for the import to each table. Each button (or custom menu option), can have a script parameter that tells the script what target table you want to import into. So your script parameter is passing data to your script and you can use the Go To Layout (via calculation) to go to the right base table.

Now if you have to change the import order based upon the button/custom menu selected, then each of those will need to go to their own import script.
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