What Is FileMaker Record Level Security?

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Record Level Security is the method of controlling a users access privileges on a record by record basis. There are the basic settings of yes and no. There is also a third setting called limited ... that allows you to use a calculated value to says yes or no.

You have the ability to choose what records can be browsed, edited or deleted via a calculation. The calculation must have a Boolean result ( true or false ). If the calculated result is true for the record you are on, you can browse, edit or delete that record ( depending on your security settings). If it is not TRUE ( which is called FALSE ) then you cannot browse, edit or delete that record ( again depending on your security settings). The reason I say depending on your security settings, is that you can setup browse, edit and delete each with their own calculation settings. The most likely setup for this option is a log-in process that verifies that the user account name matches the name of the person that created the file.

The classic example is salespeople and their ability to see the sales records of other salespeople. Being an ex salesperson myself, I can say that record level security is a good thing in those situations. Can you imagine working on a commission only basis for a number of years? If so, you can understand the natural desire for a salesperson to see another sales persons records. Classic issues are the “ He / she did not deserve that sale because ...

- the customer was in my territory
- I talked to the customer first
- that was my mother on that invoice and I know she asked for me.

A classic example of record level access would be a user can only see records that user created or a sales manager can only see the records of his / her sales team or records within their sales territory.

You can be very creative in creating these record level access calculations but do not forget to test them before implementation. I would also suggest documenting these calculations because you may need to update them in the future as business needs change.

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