Save FileMaker Troubleshooting Time By Duplicating, Copying And Pasting

From Dwayne Wright PMP, PMI-ACP, CSM
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You do not have to create each calculation you need from scratch. One thing I do quite often is duplicate an existing calculation field (if the new calculation is going to be in the same table) or copy/paste the calculation field using FileMaker Advanced. Then I rename the field and modify just the parts that I need to get my new result.

Say that you have successfully built a calculation field. You now realize you need a second calculation field that is almost the same, except for a small change. You can save a lot of time by recycling the first field, changing the fields name, editing the calculation to fit your needs ... and then it is off to the ball park to enjoy an afternoon game.

Perhaps that isn’t a success that merits taking the rest of the day off. You can also highlight a calculation expression in the calculation dialog box to copy the command to the computers clipboard. This means you can paste the calculation into other calculation dialog boxes used in field validations, auto entry, script steps or other calculation fields. You can do this in the same FileMaker file you copied the calculation from or to a different FileMaker file

I've heard that some developers even keep a library of their most sophisticated calculations handy for that rainy day project.

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