About The FileMaker Record

From Dwayne Wright PMP, PMI-ACP, CSM
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A FileMaker record is like a form you would fill out at a doctors office. It has containers for specific pieces of information which we call fields. Each table can have records unique to that table. The flip book looking graphic in the upper left screen that allows you to navigate between records in browse mode, find requests in find mode, layouts in layout mode or printed page previews in preview mode. Here are some common terms associated with FileMaker records.

ACTIVE RECORD - Commonly referred to as the current record, it refers to the FileMaker record you are currently browsing, printing or viewing in print preview mode.

BLANK RECORD - A new empty record ready for the data entry person to start filling in.

CHILD RECORD - When you are viewing related data, you are viewing child records. The child records have a key field that has a data match to a key field in the record you are browsing.

COPY ALL RECORDS SCRIPT STEP - Copies all the values from all the fields from all the records of the current layout to the clipboard in TAB separated format. This allows you to paste into a spreadsheet, text file or even an HTML table.

COPY RECORD SCRIPT STEP - Copies all the values from all the fields from the current record on the layout to the clipboard in TAB separated format. This allows you to paste into a spreadsheet, text file or even an HTML table.

CURRENT RECORD - The record you are looking at when in Browse or Preview mode.

COMMIT OR EXIT RECORD - When a user is entering data into a file, the information is not saved until the record has been exited. This is normally done by hitting the enter key or going to another record in the file.

GO TO RELATED RECORD SCRIPT STEP - This script takes the user to a related record of a chosen relationship. This is typically used as a drill down technique in the rows of a portal or as a way to print portals that have a large number of related records.

PARENT RECORD - The database record you are currently in is called the parent record for any relationship you can find in the define relationship dialog box. Any fields that may be from related records in a related databases are child records.

RECORDS BEING BROWSED - One of the options available when printing a screen in FileMaker. This one will print the same screen for all records in the found set on one page if you are viewing in form mode. If you are viewing in list mode, it will print as many records as it can on one page until all records are printed in the found set.

RELATED RECORDS - A set of records that have a relational link to the current record you are viewing.

SORT RECORDS - Sort means to sort the records in the current found set in a particular manner. The sort records dialog box is very easy to use. On the left side, you see all the fields in the current database. You can move the fields over to the right list with the move button. The right list is the sort order list. In fact you can also move over the fields in any related database also by clicking the button above the right sort fields listing. You can choose to sort ascending, descending or based upon a value list.

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