Selecting A FileMaker Portal Row To Delete It

From Dwayne Wright PMP, PMI-ACP, CSM
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The direct ability to delete portal rows needs to be turned on in the portal setup dialog box. When this is enabled, the user can select a portal row to highlight it, click the delete key on the keyboard and the related record is deleted.

Deleting information from a portal seems a bit dangerous, what if the user does this by accident? They could have thought they were in a single field and didn’t know they were deleting an entire portal row selection. They do get a confirmation dialog box from FileMaker about the delete and there is a cancel button there in clear view. However, in the heat of the data entry battle, sometimes we just don’t register what a dialog box is telling us. After a user deletes the related record, there is no undo command to bring it back.

All in all, if I allow a user to delete a portal row, I provide a button to do it. I tend to minimize the amount of open space in a portal in which a user can select an entire portal row. I will turn off the ability to delete portal rows in the portal setup dialog box but my delete button in the portal row runs a script that overrides that setting.

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