FileMaker Scripts That Go To A Layout With A Really Big Portal

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Another method of printing large portals is to have a second layout in the parent file will a really big portal. The script can then go to that layout which can be many pages deep. You can slide the portal up so that a bunch of blank pages will not occur.

However you can’t be sure that a portal row may not occur between two pages. So you may get a portal row data string that is cut between page 4 and 5, for example.

Another problem with printing large portals in the parent file is that the portal rows will all need to be the same size. The sliding option will not print empty portal rows but will not reduce the size of a portal if the row could be smaller for a particular row.

The best solution I have found is to print the portal items in the child file in a list view such as we described above. Here you can reduce the size of a row ( on in the case of the child file ... a record) because the reduce printing option works just fine on fields in a list view.

FYI ... I am not sure in what version of FileMaker this appeared but you can also choose a starting row for a portal. So you can have the first portal show 25 rows of information from row 1 to row 25. Then you can have the second portal show 25 rows of information from row 26 to row 50 and then continue this trend onward from there.

Still, for printouts that have a portal with a large number of data rows, printing from a layout that is linked to the child table (via a script) is the go to default method.
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