Sliding & Reducing Enclosed FileMaker Parts Settings With Portals

From Dwayne Wright PMP, PMI-ACP, CSM
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By default, FileMaker will print a layout as it sees it. There is no special option to allow you to print a layout and show all related records in a portal. It will only print the related records that are viewable with the portal. You cannot setup the portal bars or borders to print or not. They way the portal bars and borders are setup on the layout is how they are going to print.

As part of designing a layout, objects can be made to slide to the right, slide up, reduce the enclosing part ( for large text fields primarily) and to not print out at all. However, the row in the portal will not reduce in printing size. That is to say if you have a field in a portal that can show 3 lines of text. Just because there is only 1 line of text due to reduction, it will NOT reduce the printing size of the portal row. The field itself will reduce but not the portal row that contains it. There isn't any layout type of setting that will accomplish that.

Portals can be set to not print at all. Portals can be setup to reduce enclosing parts. This can be used so that empty rows do not print.

Sliding to the left does not seem to work with portals. There are a couple workarounds that I use on occasion. One is to use a calculation field that can effectively move information to the left based on a calculation. Another option is the use of merge fields. Both options will remove the ability to enter data into those fields but will allow you to slide information to the left or to the right.

For true sliding options, you can script an event to go to the related portal records in that table and to a special layout there. You can then excerpt precise control over the print output experience.
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