Print Out The FileMaker Script Out And Take It To Lunch

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This sounds a little crazy but I have done it from time to time with great success, particularly back in the days I worked for Apple. I would print out all the scripts that I thought might be associated with a problem, grab a couple highlighter pens and head out for some lunch. I’d usually go for Mexican food because we all know that chips and salsa are particularly effective brain food.

By the way, there is a name for this called “The Getaway Ploy” and I wrote a post about it on my FileMaker Business Explored blog (The Getaway Ploy Explored). I covered some of the other more negative aspects of this ploy but a getaway moment (used in moderation) can be very helpful in troubleshooting focus.

In a more relaxed atmosphere, you can sometimes see things that you cannot at the office and you probably won’t be interrupted during a private lunch. You can also use your script documentation in other ways as well. There are ways also to print your scripts to pdf files. This can allow you to email the script documentation to someone else ( like a help desk, FileMaker consultant or other professional ). Sometimes a different set of eyes can pick out the problem you missed or introduce a new way at looking at your coding.

FYI ... printing your scripts to pdf is also a good way to document your scripts at a particular point and time in the solutions development.

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