Startup Script That Branches Based On FileMaker Privilege Set

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A while ago, I made an update to a client database and I thought I’d share this to you via this blog. I have an InBizness customer that wants their clients to have access to a small piece of their data. So we created a separate file and have it hosted on This file has FileMaker Instant Web Publishing turned on and it setup to only allow these clients to see their own records. The main InBizness system will periodically synchronize data with this web based file.

In the main InBizness file, we have a script setup to allow the data entry person to setup their web account access. This script will use the “Add Account” script step to create the credentials in the web version of the file and then email the client the account name / password credentials.

Then in the web file, the startup script detects if the user that just signed in is assigned to the ClientContact privilege set. If so, it goes to the contact layout, does a find for their account record and hides the status area.

Please Note: In one of the FileMaker updates, the name of this function has been changed to Get ( AccountPrivilegeSetName ). I decided not to update the graphic below because changes like these are common and there is no guarantee that FileMaker won't change it again! (grin)

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