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The Arrange All Windows script step is used to arrange all the open FileMaker windows in a manner defined by the script. This script step will not affect windows that are not open at the time the script step executes.

The Arrange All Windows script step as the options of Tile Horizontally, Tile Vertically, Cascade Window and Bring All To Front (Macintosh Only). This matches the options you have from under the Window menu. When the script step is added to a script, the Tile Horizontally option is automatically chosen.

Tile Horizontally - moves the open windows to the left of the screen and resizes the windows so you can see them below each other.

Tile Vertically - moves the open windows to the top of the screen and resizes the windows so you can see them side by side (left to right) of each other.

Cascade Windows - moves the open windows to the left of the screen and then places each window below another in such a way as you can see the title bar of each window. Then you can quickly choose with window you want to work on by clicking its title bar.

Bring All To Front (Macintosh Only) - Used when a FileMaker window might be hidden behind another application, will bring the window into the foreground. For example, many of my legacy FileMaker articles are in Word format. I am rewriting these in FileMaker, having each discussion be its own record. I might have on of my open FileMaker windows behind an open Word document on the screen. This will bring that window to the front of the Word document window.

I have never seen this script step used, so I am imagining here. It would be possible to mimic a dashboard by leveraging multiple open FileMaker windows. If a developer would create a solution that utilized a lot of windows and a script called upon the ability to see all the open windows, then they may use this script step to setup that operation. Normally, any power user that has multiple windows open will use these same options from the Windows menu.

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