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The Web Viewer (introduced as one of the killer features in FileMaker 8.5) allows you to create an area on the FileMaker layout that displays web information. From these humble beginnings, innovative FileMaker developers have found new and exciting ways to use FileMaker Web Viewer technology in their solutions.

The Set Web Viewer Script Step has the options to control which web viewer on a layout you want to work with (using object naming feature via the the object info dialog box) and the actions you want to apply to the selected web viewer.

Here you can see the setting of the Set Web Viewer options.

The Set Web Viewer Script Step actions include Reset, Reload, Go Forward, Go Back and Go To URL. The Go Forward, Go Back and Reload actions resemble the same actions you would find in a standard internet browser such as Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari. The Go To URL option allows you a wealth of options for selecting what URL information is going to be displayed in the web viewer. The Reset option is used after the user may have changed the default URL for the web viewer and returns the web viewer to its default URL address.

Here you can see the setting Go To URL options.

The Set Web Viewer script step is mostly IWP compatible (the exception is the Go Forward and Go Back actions).

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