The FileMaker Get(ScriptResult) Function

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Introduced With FileMaker 8
Returns A Text, Number, Date, Time or TimeStamp result

As you know, one script can call upon another script with the Perform Script Step. In most discussions, the original script is called the parent or source script. The script that was called upon from the source script is called the subscript. In a previous discussion, we chatted about script parameters. In the case of script parameters, the source script can pass data to the subscript via the script parameter.

Ok, so now that we have that covered, let us flip the entire thing backwards.

The Get(ScriptResult) function allows the source script to see data that was passed back to it from the subscript. I have to admit, I’ve never used this technique but understand its power. I just haven’t mapped my mind to think in this direction. I have worked with developers that do this all the time. It is not uncommon for the most experienced developer to take a little time to get on board with a new technique. The process of using Script Results is very powerful and flexible.

What happens is the source script calls upon the subscript to compile some information. The subscript crunches some numbers / cleans some data / does some reports (you get the idea) and then uses the Script Result option of Exit Script Step to pass it has learned in its processing. So this information is now in the computers memory and the source script uses the Get(ScriptResult) function to extract that information from memory and use it in the remainder of its script processes.

Here you can see the exit script step and the single option it has to set the data to later be extracted by the Get(ScriptResult) function.

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