Commenting First and FileMaker Scripting Later

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This is a follow up to the "Formatting In FileMaker Script Comments" post. Basically, the same message but taking a different angle at describing the process.

FROM MY FUTURE CUSTOMER: I need to create a "template" of events related to a company which has been targeted for a campaign. I am thinking: Call 1 (date); Mail 1 (date); Call 2 (defined as "Call I date + 7"); Mail 2 (same as Call 2 Date); Call 3 (call 2 Date + 10); Mail 3. (Call 3 date +10). Mail 4 (Mail 3 date + 10); Call 4 (final) = Mail 4 date + 7.

Here you can see the future script with the comments only. It will be interesting to see how it will evolve as the script steps are filled in.

Here you can see we are capturing the primary lead id information into a variable. This is because we will want to have each new future event record tied to the current contact. We also freeze the current window because we don’t want to put the user into interface shock as we change from record to record.

Here you can see that I’ve reorganized the comments. This is because it made more sense to group them together by the type in case you need to tweak the entire set by group.

Here I have also added a number of things I hadn’t thought of including ...

- capturing the linked campaign ID and name to variables
- capturing the linked staff ID to a variable
- changed the name of the first call / mail to be today + 1
- set a variable equal to the current date

then I actually populated the first event with its needed script steps. I did a smoke test run the script and it worked just fine. Since I’m using a copy of FileMaker Advanced, I copied and pasted this working code to the other areas and tweaked as necessary. The tweaks including updating the event date and event type. Below you can see much of the final script. It ended up being a little more detailed than I initially thought but that is common when you start to script something.

You can click the above image to view it better.

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