A Reader Asks: Access To FileMaker Field Creation

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You don't know me but I have found your site very useful from time to time.

I have the dumbest problem in FileMaker, and although I am an experienced FM developer I am blanking on the answer (or if there is an answer), so I am hoping you have the time to reply to this email.

I have a request for a set of users to be able to access the layouts in a particular file, but *not* be allowed to create new fields. I can see all the toggles for *accessing* this layout or that, or this field or that, but nothing that explicitly prohibits a user from creating a *new* field on their own.

If I give them access to the table, then they can add new fields right? Unless I only give them view access, but that would stop them being able to create new records as well. Is there an answer to this?

The users need basic data entry access in all tables, they "need" (they think) access to layouts so as to be able to make their own letters and lists, and thus layout view. But they have this nasty habit of creating new and interesting fields that screw up the whole database, so how can I stop them from doing that?

That isn’t a foolish question at all. I had always assumed that the ability to create fields was exclusive to the full access privilege set. I searched a number of resources but couldn’t find confirmation to this in any of them. In the brief testing that I did, I could not find any privilege set configuration, other than full access, that allowed for the creation of a field.

Here you can see a snapshot of the layout modification privilege set setting that I used to allow users to modify layouts but does not have access to field creation. Via the custom settings, you can get more granular and configure which specific layouts can be modified by a particular privilege set.
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