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From Dwayne Wright PMP, PMI-ACP, CSM
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In FileMaker, you can protect a file with accounts and privilege sets. A user that opens the file can be required to enter in an account name and an associated password (previous to FileMaker 7, you only entered in a password).

NOTE: It is possible to have a no password account. Many times you would use a Guest Account for this. A guest account is automatically created for every new FileMaker file but is turned off by default.

Each account is assigned a privilege set. Privilege Sets consist of a large number of security settings ( much like a large lunch buffet ) and the combination of selected options define what a user can see or do. An account can have only one privilege set. A privilege set, however, could be assigned to many accounts and quite often is. A change in the privilege set can be applied to many different accounts and is quite handy when making sweeping security changes to a file.

The remainder of the FileMaker security settings flow from this humble beginning. When a user opens a protected FileMaker solution, they are asked for a user name and password. FileMaker authenticates this information when the user submits their data. If the account name and password match ... FileMaker assigns the privilege sets for that account ... the user enters the database system with a defined security layer. If the account name and password do not match ... FileMaker will deny access to the file and prompt the user to reenter their settings.

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