Importing FileMaker Scripts, Don’t Underestimate It

From Dwayne Wright PMP, PMI-ACP, CSM
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The ability to import a set of scripts from one FileMaker file to another FileMaker file definitely helps reduce script development time and build more uniform solutions. In FileMaker 9, the button to import scripts was reduced in size to the point where it is quite easily missed. These small buttons do have mouse rollover tool tips attached. So you can hover the mouse above them and see which buttons perform which actions.

When you click the Import button, you get a script import dialog box. From this dialog box, you search for the FileMaker file you want to import the scripts from. There is even a Remote button in this dialog box, so you can import scripts from a networked file!

Once you pick out the file, you select which scripts you want to import via a check box next to each script. Then to wrap it up, you click the big import button and here the scripts come. Each imported script will have the word Copy after it. You will need to check each script for possible errors like missing fields, layout or relationships in the imported file.

Here you can see the import reported a couple errors. Based on the name of the script, you can see it is centered around going to a related record (gtrr for short). Chances are, my imported script involves a relationship setting I don’t have in my destination file. This is not uncommon at all, but still saves time from creating the script from scratch!

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