The WindowNames Function

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No parameter is required but a filename parameter can be used
Introduced With FileMaker 7
Returns A Text Result

The WindowNames function gives you the name of each open FileMaker window. Each window name is listed separated by a carriage return. This function, like the DatabaseNames function, does not need a parameter. In FileMaker, you can have multiple windows open at a time. There are script steps that can open new windows and even give the windows specified names.

Example: At the moment that I'm writing this, I have three FileMaker windows open. I have two windows open for my afa_database and I have another file opened called Functions_7 ( which is an example file). So the function at the moment returned the following...

afa_database - 2

Once again, by default, the WindowNames function does not have a parameter but you can certainly add one. You can specify a particular file that you want to capture the names of the windows for. This can be handy because if you have multiple files open, it is possible that the same window name may be used in individual windows.

Many times, when a design function parameter wants a file name, the developer will use the Get(FileName) function to provide the name of the current file. So if I had this function in my afa_database file and used the Get(FileName) function ... WindowNames(Get(FileName)) ... I would see the results of ...

afa_database - 2
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