A READER ASKS: FileMaker Server Error 50

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I’m not sure I should be bugging you with this query, but I am desperate to find a solution to my problem.
I have been searching for FileMaker forums and you name came up.

I have had my Filemaker Server fail to start up with the Service Specific Error Code 50? Do you know what this means and how it can be resolved? The server was shut down on by accident when the UPS overheated on Thursday. The server started up again and worked fine on Friday. The server has been shut down all weekend and Filemaker Server has failed to start today at all. Of course Filemaker do not support an obsolete version so old as 5.0...... Help!!

Do you know where I may find help?


Unfortunately, the only help I can provide is posting this question on my FileMaker Thought Bucket Blog and hopefully someone will chime in. In this market, you have to pick your battles and server support (particularly in the Windows OS) is a battle I never wanted to wage. I did a quick search in the database that I use to log TechTalk posts but I purged it of older data not too long ago.

Speaking of TechTalk (a feature of TechNet membership), you might want to subscribe and post the question there. It is a $99 a year investment and it has a great place to post questions old and new. I would have to say it would be the number one place to get support for older versions of FileMaker Server. Chances are, someone will have your answer right there.

You know, when you say FileMaker doesn’t support older versions, in some ways they do and one is the online KnowledgeBase. As I was typing a reply, I thought I’d do a quick search and I found some interesting responses.

Here is a URL of the hits pages (reduced by tinyURL)

Here you can see what I entered in the search box for your problem.

One of the hits says that is might be a copy protection issue.

Here you can see the first page of three pages of possible hits for answers to your problem.

Try searching the KnowledgeBase for information and give some serious thought about joining TechTalk. I will be sure to post any useful comments to this blog post, just in case someone responds with a possible answer for you.

Thank you for your swift response, I have got the server safely restarted.
I was unaware that somebody had started another machine on the network before the server. So when I found error messages saying there were duplicates and not enough licenses, shut down the systems and restarted the server first.

I guess that it has a static IP address that it needs to network safely? The network was set up by a consultant and my knowledge of networks and FileMaker is very limited. I really got worried when I could not find a reference for Error 50 anywhere on the web.
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