The FileMaker Save Records As Excel Script Step

From Dwayne Wright PMP, PMI-ACP, CSM
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The Save Records As Excel script step isn’t much of a mystery because the name says it all. It allows you to script the saving of a found set of records as an Excel spreadsheet. There are some interesting options of automatically opening the newly created file or auto creating an outgoing email (with a compatible email client) and have the file added as an attachment.

There is also the general option of performing with or without a confirmation dialog box for the user running the script. You can also hard code the location on the users machine where the newly created file will be stored.

Although you have to hard code the location of where the file is stored, you can dynamically change it. You might be thinking, “I thought hard coding something meant it is carved in stone?” Well, you can hard code a script variable and the variable can be dynamically set via a script step previous to the execution of the Save Records As Excel script step.

Here you can see the dialog box that allows you to hard code the location where the file is stored.

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