The FileMaker Commit Records / Requests Script Step

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When a user is entering data into a file, the information is not saved until the record has been exited. This is normally done by hitting the enter key or going to another record in the file. The Commit Records / Requests script step allows you to exit a record, which usually saves any changes made to that record. Normally, you would click outside of any field or hit the ENTER (not RETURN) key to do this manually.

It should also be mentioned that an unsaved record is locked so that other network users cannot modify it, while it is in an unsaved state.

This script step does have the option of “Skip Data Entry Validation” and is used to bypass field level validations (except for validations set to always) for the current record. If you are committing a record that has validations with the validation skip option selected, I do recommend you comment that in your script. It is possible that at a later date, the skipping of field validation could cause you some problems.

Exiting or saving a record will cause many of the calculations related to it to update. So many times, you will see this script step in front of an IF STATEMENT that branches the script in two or more directions.

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