The FileMaker Import Records Script Step

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Allows you to import information that will create new records or update associated records in a FileMaker file. You can specify which file you want to use. There are 3 options to this script step, which are specify file, specify import order and perform without dialog. The first two options work just the same as the manual import process.

Any time where importing a file is a normal business event. If it's just a one-time import, you generally would not build a script for it. However, if you normally get a file from a remote office, you can save time scripting it.

There are too many cool implementations of this script step to cover here but there are a number of links below to other articles about the subject from my FileMaker Found Set blog. Generally speaking, I like the variations that import records, then cleans them up, organizes them and then has them imported into yet another FileMaker file. These are almost like compilers, that process a found set of records before integrating them into the LIVE solution in use.

I recommend that you do a successful import manually first before this script step is added to a script. This allows you to have step use the last successful import as its template. This ensures that your field order is correct. If you want to change an import order, you need to import the new order manually.
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