The FileMaker Relookup Field Contents Script Step

From Dwayne Wright PMP, PMI-ACP, CSM
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Relookup Field Contents is used to replace information in lookup fields with the current related information for all the records in the current found set. Much like entering information in a key field triggers any associated lookup commands, the relookup will do the same thing, except it will do it for all the records in the current found set.

It is used when the lookup data needs to be in synch with the related data (and that related data has probably changed). I do not use the relookup command myself any more. It has too many limitations and may trigger relookups on data I don't want a relookup for. I tend to use the REPLACE command with a calculation equal to the related data instead of a relookup.

There are two options for this script step. One is to specify the key field that you want all the lookup fields to be activated upon. This means you specify the key field in the relationship you want to relookup with. This field does need to be on the current layout to work. All fields that have an auto-enter lookup specified for that relationship will have the data replaced with the latest version of the lookup data.

The second option is to perform the script step with/without a warning dialog box, because again there is no undo.

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