FileMaker User Name vs FileMaker Account Name

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As a savvy FileMaker solution administrator, you will want to keep an eye on who is doing what within your FileMaker solution. FileMaker gives you two choices from where this information is gathered. Current User information comes either from the name that is logged into the operating system or from a field offered in the Application Preferences.

A user can choose to use a different name than their own in the FileMaker preferences. Right now on my computer, I could set my preference name to George W. Bush. Everything that I do from then on in the database, my user name would be George W. Bush. Also anyone using my computer and FileMaker would have a user name of George W. Bush. So in a multi-user environment, it is critical that each user has their name defined in the FileMaker preferences correctly.

See how easy it is to change my user name!

Some designers actually do security settings by the user name specified in the application preferences. They build scripts that branch if based upon what the Get(UserName) function tells them. THIS IS NOT VERY SECURE! For example, lets say someone puts a branch in a FileMaker navigation script. When the script runs, it goes to a special security area if Get(UserName) = "Jane Doe". For me to be Jane Doe, all I need to do is type that in my FileMaker application preferences.

I would have to recommend that every FileMaker solution that needs to be secured, perform a switch from capturing user name information to capturing account name to get more accurate information. That is if you switch your solution to every user having their own account name and password, which I highly recommend as well.

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