Duplicate A FileMaker Script To Troubleshoot It

From Dwayne Wright PMP, PMI-ACP, CSM
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In troubleshooting, another method I use is to duplicate the script I'm having problems with. This allows me to tweak the script to a large degree and not worry about affecting the (mostly working) original version.

In the front of the duplicated scripts name, I'll put in all caps "TEMP:". This is because sometimes (in the heat of battle), I forget about this duplicate script. To the “TEMP:” naming convention is a useful red flag, so that if at a later date, I can see this it is from an older coding session and is something I need to delete.

Now the preferred way to debug a script is to use the Script Debugger feature in FileMaker Advanced. If you don’t have FileMaker Advance, in the duplicated script, you can put PAUSE, EXIT or HALT script steps to do your troubleshooting. When you've fixed the problem, then go back and modify the original script and delete the temporary one.

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