FILEMAKER: Insiders Vs Outsiders

From Dwayne Wright PMP, PMI-ACP, CSM
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There are at least 2 different types of people that will access your database from the root security levels. The ones you know about ( insiders ) and the ones you don’t ( outsiders ). Outsiders are people that have found a way to hack into your network and then hack their way into a FileMaker solution. Outsiders can also can access by an insider giving them the log in and password information to enter a secured system.

Although outsiders are a threat, I do not think they are a primary concern unless they have been given information from an insider or former insider. Then they typically will have a specific motivation to breach security and an easy method to do so.

Insiders are people that have been granted access to a network or FileMaker solution for a specific business purpose. This can include ...

Current Employees - Most employees are good people that only want to do their job and go home to their family. However, disgruntled employees, employees with more than casual relationships to competitors and employees looking for an unfair advantage over other employees can be a real threat. They may have access and motivation to breach security or share information with an outsider.

Former Employees - If a network administrator is not on the ball, a former employee may have access to information and have a motivation to perform a breach of security.

Temporary or Contract Employees - May have access and may have a motivation to breach security.

Vendors, Outsource Vendors and Other Business Associates - You may share information with another business that may have a motivation to breach the security of your FileMaker solution.

Most security level abuse within FileMaker based solutions are inside jobs. This means that out of millions of users, there are probably a few bad eggs. This can be because of lack of training, misunderstandings, malice or for financial benefit. For this reason alone, you should implement some planning, documentation and level of security in your FileMaker solutions.

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