Incorporating The Account Name In FileMaker User Messages

From Dwayne Wright PMP, PMI-ACP, CSM
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Get ( AccountName) will become a very popular function to identify who a user is within a FileMaker file. It's very secure because it uses the login information the user used to open the file. Since you can put multiple tables in one FileMaker file, it's easy to use Account Name in multiple places.

So here is a script that will give a different message by who the user is. If you are Dwayne Wright, it tells you that you don’t have access. If you are Stanley, it tells you to go on in. If you are not Dwayne or Stanley, it asks who are you.

If["Get ( AccountName)= "Dwayne Wright""]
Show Message ["You are not allowed in here, talk to Stanley."]
If["Get ( AccountName) = "Stanley, The Security Guard""]
Show Message ["No problem, come on in."]
Show Message ["Who the heck are you?"]
End If
End If

NOTE: In the Show Message script step, you can use a calculated result in many areas of the crafted message. That means you could incorporate the Get ( AccountName) function in the message title, body and even the button labels!

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