FileMaker Contextual Relationships And Layouts

From Dwayne Wright PMP, PMI-PBA, PMI-ACP, CSM
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So as you know, FileMaker has the ability to have multiple tables within a file. This increased capability does have one slightly bitter after taste. Since you can have multiple tables in a file, FileMaker constantly has to know what table you are addressing at the time you do many common things, such as ….

- what layout does the table belong to
- what table(s) do a calculation elements refer to
- what table(s) are touched during the various stages of script execution
- what table(s) are needed for dynamic value lists
- and the list goes on and on

For many of these questions that are not layout specific, still come back to the current layout and how it is setup.

Here you can see in the middle of the layout setup dialog box where you choose what table occurrence you are attaching the layout to.

FileMaker will use the linked table occurrence for all the fields that are on it and scripts that are running on it at that time. The common term for this is table context.
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