Controlling The FileMaker Found Set Of Records

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Say you want to limit a particular user to access of their own records. FileMaker has a record level security setting, so a user cannot see the information on a record based upon a calculation. However, the user can still get to that record. This is not a security problem but it is a user experience problem. A user might have to view a large number of "access denied" records before they can get to the ones they can read.

You want to limit interface shock when designing a system. Looking at a record in form view or a set of records in list view that you do not have access to ... is ... well ... not very warm and fuzzy. Wouldn’t it be better if the user only saw records they have access to? In other words, when they go to a table, all records they do not have access to are in the omitted found set.

To do this, you may need to work with a self relationship and make use of the script step of Go To Related Record. You will need to build your own controls for going from one record to the next and how the Find command works on a log-in user name. Here is a list of some of things you will need to consider in controlling the found set of records ...

- a relationship that ties the account name to the name of a record creator
- a script from the successful account that goes to those related records
- hiding the status area & locking it so users cannot see the actual record count
- creating buttons to go to each record
- build a search screen and add the users name to all searches and add constrain found set parameters
- add a show all records button that only shows related records
- build your own display of record count and found set

FileMaker makes this much easier than earlier versions. For starters, you can have multiple tables in one file. You can have multiple windows open at the same time. You can have a button pass data to a script. This means a button can be made to branch a script, without duplicating and rewriting the script.

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