FileMaker Script Steps That Need To Enter Into A Field

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There are also a number of script steps that need to enter into a field on the
current layout to perform. So in your script, you have to make sure you have a Go To Layout script step to insure that the needed field is there. So more than likely, your script will look something like this ...

Freeze Window (prevents screen flash going between two layouts)
Go To Layout (that you know has the field you need)
Do That Thing (one of the dependent steps mentioned below)
Any Other Steps You Want To Do While You Are Here
Go To Layout (goes back to the original layout

The following script steps (and this list may grow as new versions of FileMaker come out) need to see the field they are working with ...

Copy, Cut, Clear, Go To Field, Insert Calculated Result, Insert Date, Insert Time, Insert User Name, Paste and Replace.

Also the script step of Relookup needs to be able to enter into the parent key field of a relationship to perform the relookup operation.

Generally, you don’t get any kind of error from FileMaker when this happens ( unless you are trapping for it ). So this can be a hard bug to troubleshoot.

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