FileMaker Launcher Files With Embedded Account Settings

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Overall, I recommend that each user have an unique account name and password and a developer take the appropriate actions to make that a reality. However, not every situation is the same and here is a technique that you can use if you have multiple users using the same account settings and you have multiple files with single tables.

In fact, I strongly recommend against the technique I'm describing but it is important to know that you may run into this type of setup as a professional FileMaker developer.

The purpose of this technique is to create a FileMaker file with a default security account for one purpose ... to open another file with those security access settings. If one FileMaker file has been opened with the same account/password as another FileMaker file, when needs to open that other file ... it will use the same account/password. This helps keep the account/password challenge entry dialog box from opening up all the time as you navigate to newly open FileMaker files.

How it works...
If the invoice and the inventory files both have the account setup with the name of Sales and has a password of PointyHairBoss ...

If you open the invoice file with the account/password of Sales/PointyHairBoss...

If there is a portal to the inventory file, it will need to open the inventory file...

It will open the inventory file with account/password of Sales/PointyHairBoss automatically and the account/password entry dialog box will not come up.

FYI... As with any default password system, many developers will say that a launcher file is a potential security breach. For example, if the opener file were to get into the wrong hands, it would be a potentially major security breach. So for the above reasons, I would suggest this technique for the lower level security settings and not the higher ones.
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