The term of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can cover a lot of ground and is definitely open to interpretation. InBizness SOHO is a framework application for business owners. InBizness SOHO is a very comprehensive package and open for customization using FileMaker Pro, an Award-winning, easy-to-use database software for Windows, Mac and the Web

Chances are, your business is an elaborate balancing act between fulfilling customer requests, managing projects, interacting with inventory and much more. InBizness SOHO was designed to an enabling resource that records and unifies the dizzying amount of data that comes in and goes out each business day.

This means you can combine information such as client management, invoicing, inventory, task management, finances, customer support and even media materials such as manuals, spreadsheets and reports. View client information, linked incoming and outgoing emails, view linked activities ( calls, meetings, to do ), view related purchases and even view related files such as pdf documents, excel spreadsheets, word documents and more!

Although InBizness has almost 50 tables, it is broken down into the six main sections of People, Sales, Projects, Purchases, Finances and Support. So you can see, it really isn’t that complicated. Here is a breakdown of each of the main sections ...

People - Clients, Contacts, Vendors, Staff and Leads

Sales - Proposals, Quotes, Sales Orders, Invoices, Payments and Inventory

Projects - Campaigns, Events, Emails, Timecards and Media Files

Purchases - Purchase Orders and Vendor Bills

Finances - Finance and Bank Deposits

Support - Credit Memos, Return Merchandise Authorizations and Support Calls

Each section and each module within a section can be cross linked. So you really can get that 30,000 foot in the air view of your business as well as what is happening at ground zero.