Business Analysis: Stakeholders (general)

What everyone else in the house is doing while I was creating this quiz site!

What everyone else in the house is doing while I was creating this quiz site!

Answers to the questions below can be found (here).

Question ID: 1
From the perspective of a business analyst, stakeholders are only the individuals or groups that a BA will interact with during the creation of their work product.

a. True

b. False

Question ID: 2
Which of the following would NOT be considered as a stakeholder?

a. Business Analyst

b. Tester

c. Domain SME

d. All Are Potential Stakeholders

Question ID: 3
When planning for stakeholder engagement, the degree of complexity can increase _______ as the number of stakeholders involved in the business analysis activities increases.

a. Proportionately

b. Disproportionately

c. Randomly

Question ID: 4
In the BABOK Third Edition, which of the follow is NOT one of the aspects a business analyst will analyze regarding stakeholder attitudes.

a. Chosen Project Methodology

b. Business Analysis In General

c. The Sponsor

d. Team Members And Other Stakeholders

Question ID: 5
Which of the following is NOT associated with the BABOK definition of "Define Stakeholder Collaboration"?

a. Collaboration Can Be A Spontaneous Event

b. Approaches May Differ By Business Analyst Activity

c. Preferences Of The Stakeholders

d. Collaboration Rules Defined By The Organization

Question ID: 6
Which of the following techniques matches the BABOK Third Edition description as it pertains to Business Analysis Planning And Monitoring?

"used to identify risks to the initiative resulting from stakeholder attitudes or the inability of key stakeholders to participate in the initiative"

a. Risk Analysis and Management

b. Scope Modelling

c. Lessons Learned

d. Business Rules Analysis

Question ID: 7
Is there situations in which a BA would educate a stakeholder about a elicitation technique they are about to use and why would it be helpful?

a. No, it would just confuse the stakeholder

b. No, it would expose a critical BA secret

c. Yes, it could provide legal protection in the future

d. Yes, it could help the stakeholder engage in the process

Question ID: 8
According to the BABOK Third Edition, which of the following guidelines identifies the stakeholders who have the authority and responsibility to approve business analysis information?

a. Change Strategy

b. Governance Approach

c. Legal/Regulatory Information

d. Requirement Management Tools/Repository

Question ID: 9
Can a person on the project team be a stakeholder for that same project. For example, can the data migration analyst be a stakeholder?

a. No, team members cannot be stakeholders

b. Yes, functional mostly

c. Yes, nonfunctional mostly

d. Yes, transition mostly

Question ID: 10
Which of the following is not a form of stakeholder management documentation?

a. Onion Diagram


c. Stakeholder Matrix

d. All Can Be Used In Stakeholder Management