General Business Analysis Quiz


Answer to these questions can be found (here).

Question ID: 1
Which knowledge area helps ensure that decisions are made properly and consistently?

a. Plan Business Analysis Information Management

b. Plan Business Analysis Governance

c. Plan Business Analysis Approach

d. Plan Stakeholder Engagement

Question ID: 2
Should the business analysis approach include tasks to manage risks?

a. No, these are Project Manager tasks

b. No, requirements management should be the focus

c. Yes, business analysis is a risk management process

d. Yes, particularly when it comes to BA deliverables

Question ID: 3
How many knowledge areas are defined in the BABOK 3rd edition?

a. 4

b. 5

c. 6

d. 7

Question ID: 4
The BABOK knowledge areas are a collection of ...

a. Tasks in a logical and sequential order

b. A set of approaches that are considered the best in the industry

c. A grouping of information that makes for an excellent certification test

d. Tasks in a logical but not necessarily sequential order

Question ID: 5
Which of the following knowledge areas DOES NOT start its description in the BABOK with "describes the tasks that business analysts perform "?

a. Strategy Analysis

b. Solution Evaluation

c. Requirements Analysis and Design Definition

d. None Of The Above

Question ID: 6
According to the BABOK, which of the following is NOT one of the tasks associated with the Solution Evaluation knowledge area?

a. Assess Enterprise Limitations

b. Recommend Actions to Increase Solution Value

c. Analyze Performance Measures

d. Communicate Requirements

Question ID: 7
The risk that remains after all possible known measures have been employed to mitigate the risk. 

a. traceable risk

b. residual risk

c. context risk

d. association risk

Question ID: 8
According to the BABOK, which of the following is NOT one of the tasks found in the Elicitation and Collaboration knowledge area?

a. Prepare for Elicitation

b. Conduct Elicitation

c. Manage Stakeholder Collaboration

d. Report Collaboration Progress

Question ID: 9
According to the BABOK, which of the following is used to observe the results of other organizations employing similar solutions when assessing risks, trends, and variances?

a. Data Mining

b. Metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

c. Risk Analysis and Management

d. Benchmarking and Market Analysis

Question ID: 10
According to the BABOK, which of the following is an input into the Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring knowledge area?

a. Business Analysis Approach

b. Stakeholder Engagement Approach

c. Information Management Approach

d. Performance Objectives